Handmade & unique.

Many hours of handwork go into every ring in the Makaro Engagement Collection. Each ring is made under fair working conditions by our master goldsmiths in Budapest. The journey of a Makaro Engagement ring only begins when we receive your order, for which it is specially handmade. Every setting is then hand polished 3 times before each exquisite diamond is placed and set by hand.

14k Recycled Gold.

We use only the finest 14 karat gold for our Makaro Engagement Collection. The gold we use is 100% from recycled sources.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds.

For our Makaro Engagement Collection, we work with rare, hand-selected Salt & Pepper diamonds. Each stone is characterized by a unique mix of black and white inclusions, making no two diamonds alike. Their much lower resource requirements for mining also make them environmentally friendly. Every Makaro diamond comes from conflict-free and responsible sources and is certified through the Kimberley process.

Packaged to perfection.

Nothing but the best. Each Makaro engagement ring comes in a premium white clamshell box for the perfect engagement moment. Protected by an additional cardboard box, the finest tissue paper and along with our Certificate of Authenticity, each Makaro Engagement Ring is delivered to your door in an unobtrusive shipping box.

Book an Engagement Session.

Want to preview Makaro engagement rings or schedule a personal consultation session? Just stop by one of our stores or email us at engagement@makarojewelry.com. Personal consultation appointments are available at any of our stores, as well as online.


We offer a lifetime warranty on our Makaro Engagement & Wedding Bands Collection, so you can rest assured we will lovingly care for your engagement ring or wedding band whenever it needs repair, for as long as you own it.

For more information about the warranty and its limitations, click here.