Makaro Werkstatt

For us, sustainability and fairness are not promises but prerequisites from the very beginning. Every Makaro piece is made individually and by hand in our own goldsmith workshop in the heart of Europe - sustainably, with fair wages and in small quantities, because for us, quality trumps quantity.

Our Workshop Story

When our two founders, Hanna and Matthias, were looking for suitable producers for their jewelry designs, they faced numerous challenges. Jewelry manufacturing companies prefer to work with prefabricated methods such as gold-plating or vermeil, so they were unable to deal with the idea behind Makaro - long-lasting and sustainable gold-plating. So, without hesitation, the two decided to set up their own workshop.

Good things come to those who wait.

The search for a suitable production partner led Hanna and Matthias to the origins of Hanna's family: to Hungary, where today the goldsmith's craft is still highly valued. Starting with a single young goldsmith who shared the vision behind Makaro, over the course of a few years they created a light-filled, two-story workshop in the heart of Budapest, where today 15 goldsmiths have a secure, fairly paid workplace.

Handmade Quality

At Makaro, we combine old craftsmanship with modern innovation. Sustainability for us means not only producing a piece of jewelry the customer can enjoy for a long time, but also protecting the valuable handwork that made it. For us, manufacturing in small quantities means that every ring is still formed by hand and not cast en masse. That gemstones are hand selected and individually placed in the jewelry. This method ensures not only exceptional quality but also the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry.

A uniqueness that you feel when you hold a Makaro piece in your hands for the first time.