Garnet: The month of January is marked by the luminous gemstone garnet. It is said to have a calming effect on the soul and to promote the joy of life and bring personal success. Thanks to its strong color, the stone radiates strength and courage to face life.

Amethyst: The amethyst stands for the birth month of February. This gemstone is said to have particularly purifying abilities. It clears out negative thoughts and feelings and provides a deep inner peace.

Aquamarine: The aquamarine for the month of March is as varied as the shades of the sea, whose salt water gave it its name. It represents the emotions felt during a relaxing vacation by the sea: serenity, foresight, joy. Uniquely beautiful, like the first sight of the sea after a long, cold winter.

Herkimer Diamond: The birth month of April is marked by the Herkimer Diamond. The structure of this particularly clear quartz causes it to resemble a diamond with its many facets. It always shows its best side and truly begins to shine in the sunlight, whcih is why the Herkimer Diamond is often called the stone of meditation, because it is supposed to help to more clarity and openness and make us open for new things. Clear thing!

Jade: Jade stands for the month of May. The beautiful dark green tone harmonizes with any complexion and makes it shine. If you believe old traditions, jade stands for wisdom and courage. Symbolizing all the elements of a strong character, jade is also one of the most enduring gemstones, which is precisely why it is revered in so many cultures.

Keshi Pearl: The Keshi pearl is an unusual pearl whose beauty emerges entirely because of Mother Nature. Freshwater pearls are created without outside interference, giving them the room to develop on their own. Their unique mother-of-pearl shimmer is an eyecatcher and changes with every ray of light, revealing a whole new side. As the birthstone of the month for June, this birthstone brings your natural beauty to the forefront.

Carnelian: Carnelian represents the power of life. It ensures that courage and drive result in action. According to myths, the name comes from the cornelian cherry, which, like the carnelian gem, is said to provide vitality. The natural caramel hue glows in the sunshine and blends in with any skin tone, making it the perfect daily companion. It symbolizes the birth month of July.

Peridot: This pale green gemstone peridot represents the birth month of August. Peridot can turn negative feelings such as selfishness, envy or heartlessness into the opposite and thus transform them into positives. In this way, it not only improves relationships with fellow human beings, it also allows anger, resentment, pain or remorse to dissolve.

Lapis Lazuli: The gemstone Lapis Lazuli symbolizes the month of September. It carries its color already in its name: azul - the incomparable blue of the deep sea. It stands for the important relationships in life that give us power and strength. With this strengthened self-confidence, nothing can stop you. Can't stop, won't stop, because where there's a will, there's a way.

Pink Opal: The delicate pink opal characterizes the birth month of October. This gemstone has a special meaning in its region of origin, the Andes: It reminds people to live in harmony. If you look at the beautiful pink stone longer, you will notice how this myth arose.

Citrine: The citrine represents the month of November and is one of the most popular gemstones because of its bright, radiant color and rarity. It represents optimism and a positive attitude towards life - vitamin C for the soul, so to speak.

Turquoise: Turquoise symbolizes the birth month of December. Known for its unique color, turquoise is one of the most valuable gemstones and stands for self-confidence, assertiveness and intuition. Additionally, it is said to have protective properties. Fun fact: While we often think that the stone was simply named after its color - turquoise - it's actually the other way around! The color turquoise takes its name from this unique stone.