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Gepostet am September 30 2015

A famous quote by Rachel Zoe states "Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak." 

To be able to show your internal beauty also on the outside, you need to know what looks work for you and which styles suit you best. Finding your own personal style is not always easy and we all have had to deal with certain struggles along the way. But hey - it's all about trial and error and exploring while finding your own personal style can be lots of fun! And when you've finally found it, the amazing feeling being able to say "that's me!" is definitely worth the effort. 
To confirm if you have already found your own, unique style in fashion go ahead and read the following five points...   

1. You know which colors are best for you.

Different types need different colors! You are absolutely aware of the colors which fit you best and you know how to combine them which helps you create a new, individual look each day.

2. You know when to wear what.

An all-black look for a wedding or ballerina shoes in winter? Not for you! You always find the right outfit for every occasion, but never forget to put your own individual and personal note into your look. Finding the right balance is no difficulty for you! 

3. People often ask you where you buy your accessories and clothing.

Your family and friends often ask you for style advise and people you meet at work or university ask you where your jewelry or shoes are from - that means they love your style! 

4. You can easily describe your style with only a few words.

Looking at the way you dress, you know how to describe your own personal style with only a few adjectives - that shows you have a clear idea of who you are and how you express your personality through fashion. (click through some key looks here and recognize your favorite style).


5. You know how to wear the basics

You don’t need to wear fancy or luxury pieces only. Your trained eye makes sure you dress every outfit with the help of a few perfect fit basics: like your favorite white T-shirt, those jeans that seem like they were made for you or some eye-catching accessories to spice up your look.


 "Style is anti-fashion; it's not about following trends." 

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